Going back to the origins of the house Glandières, we find Joseph Pagès who founded a dynasty of cutlers in Laguiole. His son, Henri Pagès, born December 4, 1867 transferred the workshop from Rue Vialat to Rue Bardière. He received various awards and medals in various exhibitions, including Canada in 1900 for his highly innovative craftsmanship.
Even today, when we examine a Pages', we admire the fineness of the stylized bee is more similar to the work of 'designers' of the late 20th century craftsmen than of his fellow 19th century's craftsmen.
Unfortunately, Henri Pagès died young and had no son to take over his business. His widow ran the factory for some years. Then his daughter upon his death, bequeathed his memories, his medals, diplomas and furniture store to his nephew Leopold Glandières.
Leopold Glandières  (1909-1988) opened a store in 1938, selling Laguiole knives, cutlery traditional hunting, fishing and gifts.
The first store was on the sidewalk across the street from the current home. Upon the death of Leopold Glandières in 1988, it was his two children, Jean-Pierre and Marie-Lucie Bouniol who took charge in the form of a limited liability company. They kept the name Glandières and reference to Pagès, in memory of this long history.
The various distinctions obtained by Henri Pagès (gold, out of competition) are set out in the storeaisle 13 rue de l'amicale in Laguiole. 

Legacy of this tradition, our collection of old ivory knives offers a journey through the history of Laguiole.


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